Tips on Choosing a Diamond Shape

One of the most common events that diamonds are bought for is either for wedding rings or for engagement. The latter is usually given by the groom as a proposal for a wedding. In this case, if you are still looking for a diamond to give your prospect bride, here are some tips that will help you decide on the right diamond shape.

When you buy a diamond ring or any other jewelry at a boutique, they will understand when you are trying to look for the right shape. However, technically in this industry, the 'shape' is referred to as 'cut'. You will commonly hear the terms square and round, but there are more.

Round. This is a classic choice and still remains popular to this day. Often referred to as RBC, short for round brilliant cut, this is the most popular choice for engagement rings, which accounts over 75 percent of all the diamonds sold in this market. This cut was first created in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky, round cut diamonds possess 58 facets, wherein it causes the light to bounce right back to the top from the bottom, thus resulting into that amazing sparkle. The shape is really timeless and versatile, looking modern and neat at the same time, not to mention it has the simplest settings.

Princess. Jewelry designer from London named Arpad Nagy was the one who invented the princes' cut, a square-shaped diamond that comes with intricate facets, which can be anywhere between 49 and 144, depending on the size of the diamond. Ever since its inception, girls and men have bought it as their option for engagements.