What are the Benefits of Wearing Diamonds?

Wearing only a diamond would make you remember the scene from Titanic. But setting that aside, there is something beneficial about wearing diamond jewelry. Most women are happy to have a diamond or two in their possession, but in some cases having a diamond jewelry is more like an asset for the entire family. Some of the most pricey diamond jewelry that is now housed in museums or kept as family heirlooms hold so much value. Some of them are even passed down from one generation to the next. Timelessness and longevity of a diamond jewelry are what makes the diamond the best choice when it comes to buying jewelry, but they are not the only benefits that you will get when you get one or two diamonds in your possession.

They can be a good investment. While the current market is inundated with the white or colorless diamonds, the rarer diamonds or tagged as "fancy" wherein it displays brilliant tones and hues can be one amazing viable investment. If this is making it difficult for you to wrap your mind with this fact, take a look at the popular pink diamond "Sweet Josephine", a 16.8 karat that was sold at a price of $28.5 million at an auction. But the industry doesn't really make promises about this payload if you are trying to sell, but it is at least a comfort for you to know that the purchases you've made with diamonds get amazing resale value if you are to choose the pieces wisely based on their quality and rarity.

Advocate for change. All over the world, this industry employs about 10 million people, wherein a huge number of mines are sustaining the economies of indigenous people in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The third largest exporter of Diamonds is Canada, wherein they roughly generate $1.5 billion revenue from the mines that are mainly located in the Northwest Territories of the nation. These mines cover 57 percent of the trade revenue from this remove and indigenous region. When people buy diamond jewelry, they are really helping the lives of these artisans, miners, and tradespeople via ethical purchases.

Spiritual benefits. You must have at least heard a friend or two of yours that are so fascinated with the spiritual benefits of wearing diamond jewelry. While not everyone believes in feng shui, astrology or any other spiritual elements that exist on earth today, but it doesn't mean that nobody can reap out its benefits. Diamonds are suffused with protection and strength. They are believed to transfer such qualities to its wearer. So if you've got some diamond jewelry, you'll get extra power by wearing them.

They are great for all kind of occasions. These diamond jewelry are not only for special occasions. Diamonds these days have become very popular as part of the casual outfits that women wear. Some of them even wear diamond rings even when there is no occasion at all. One of the reasons why they are doing this is the reason stated above.