Should You Buy Synthetic Diamonds?

Is it worth it buying your money with synthetic diamonds? When it comes to choosing the perfect diamond jewelry, whether it is a gift or something you want to wear for yourself, many buyers are confused to which one they should choose. Natural diamonds are very expensive for all the right reasons - they are formed in the earth for billions of years, while synthetic only takes a couple of weeks to take its shape. And there are lab-grown diamonds popping out these days, too. So what should be the reason that you either buy natural or synthetic diamonds?

Ethical Issues

The ones that are offering the synthetic diamond alternative, or so to say they are man-made rocks, say that they are offering an alternative that is free from conflict. This refers to the famous 'blood diamonds', wherein it is used to define gems that are mined primarily in Africa in which they are sold for the purpose of financing conflicts and insurgencies all over the world.

It is all about personal preferences. Synthetic diamonds are far cheaper than natural diamonds. The most serious diamond lovers go as far as tracing the roots where the diamonds came from, in order to ensure themselves that their money is paid for the right and proper reasons, like how purchasing diamonds can support the indigenous population that is working closely in mines. It is also the source of their livelihood, too.

What concludes here is that it all depends whether you can afford to buy natural diamonds or your budget can only cover for the synthetic ones.