Here's How to Buy Diamonds from the Pros

Diamonds have always been the closest friend a girl can get, but with so many types of diamonds, how to tell which ones are synthetic and those that are fake, how should a shopper be able to choose the perfect diamond wisely?

A number of the Luxury Buyers have an extensive knowledge when it comes to differentiating natural diamonds, synthetic ones, and the fake ones. With decades of experience dealing with diamonds, whether buying or selling them, they have shared their expertise to those who wish that can identify pure diamonds easily without relying on professionals.

Traditional diamonds - the perfect choice

Despite with so many types of diamonds abound in the market, the traditional, brilliant cut still remains the most popular today. Among the diamond purchasers, 2 out of every 3 of them go for the brilliant cut or the round one. So what is the benefit of getting the round diamond, then? According to a president and founder of Diamond Cutters International Fred Cuellar, it is the real deal. There are 3 factors that determine the value of the diamond. When it comes to beauty, it encompasses the 4 C's, which are color, cut, karat and clarity. Aside from beauty, durability and rarity are also on the list. A natural diamond meets all the aforementioned standards.

Another thing to consider with diamonds is money. This is not about buying, but rather taking a look at whether the diamond of your choice have an appreciated value or not. There is only 1 out of every 50 diamonds that were sold back in 2010 that are likely to appreciate in terms of value, as Cuellar stated. Prices on the rounds that fits the aforementioned quality can be priced between $3,400 and $28,000 each karat. This is taken from the Rapaport Diamongd Report.

The main and most common complaint that women have about their diamonds is its sparkle. In this case, expert Cuellar advises purchases to ask for the "vivid" white diamond instead. This is a term in the diamond industry when it refers to the most valuable and mos sparkling diamonds.

Identifying good colored diamonds

The most desired diamonds are the colorless or white ones, yet the fancy ones also fetch very high prices. They can also be worthless of value, too. Below is a list of what you can expect from these fancy diamonds.

Pinks and reds. These are the rarest of colors. They acquire their ruby hues due to the irregular atomic structure. When light enters the spectrum, it will excite a couple of electrons present in the stone at different wavelengths, thus making the stone appear reddish in color.

Blues. Its color comes from the traces of boron. If you have been following the diamond industry, then you should be familiar of the cursed Blue Heart Diamond and Hope Diamond, which are today in the care of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

Green. Its color is caused by radiation, but gemological labs can't often determine whether the radiation came naturally or with influence from man.

Yellow. Nitrogen can create vivid and expensive yellow diamonds.

Chocolat, cognac or champagne. Don't need to dip your hands on these types as they are only a waste of money, says Cuellar.